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reform-tools 1.38

Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues requested to merge staging into main
  • Move the following from Depends to Recommends: brightnessctl, foot, gir1.2-ayatanaappindicator3-0.1, gir1.2-notify-0.7, gnome-system-monitor, ircii, pavucontrol, pkexec, pulseaudio-utils, python3, python3-gi, synaptic, thunar, x11-xserver-utils,
  • debian/copyright: add missing closing triangular bracket
  • bin/reform-check: more reform2_lpc.ko and linux-headers package check
  • debian/control: add fonts-font-awesome to Recommends for waybar battery icon
  • sway/wayfire: properly rotate and scale the pocket reform display
  • sway+wayfire: use hyper f1/f2 for brightness, use percentages, use 10% steps
  • refactor reform-hw-setup a bit and set big console font on pocket reform
Edited by Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues

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