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Draft: u-boot on emmc and /boot on sata

Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues requested to merge config-sata-boot into main
  • u-boot-config: enable CONFIG_SATA_BOOT
  • patches/0001-tweak-boot-commands.patch: also attempt booting from sata0
  • build u-boot image for sd as well as for emmc
  • switch to POSIX shell
  • set -u
  • make shellcheck clean
  • avoid cd in favour of -C and env --chdir
  • bump u-boot version from v2023.10-rc4 to v2023.10
  • verify top git hashes for u-boot and atf
  • verify that BPI Block Copy src is correct for sd and emmc
  • verify that sd and emmc images differ only in the Block Copy src

marked as draft as we first have to test whether this works

Edited by Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues

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