use distro_bootcmd

  • this partially reverts b3a8287b which prevented BOOTENV as set by config_distro_boot.h being appended to CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS
  • distro_bootcmd can do everything the nested loop can do:
    • boot from usb
    • arbitrary boot order
    • set arbitrary boot partition
    • search arbitrary list of prefixes
    • load a boot.scr
  • in addition to that, distro_bootcmd:
    • is the standard boot mechanism for distros (see doc/README.distro)
    • thus we can replace hard-to-read custom code
    • works with extlinux.conf (needed for debian-installer)

Lots of thanks to @vagrantc for helping me with this! :D

Edited by Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues

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