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      etc: add config files for libubootenv · dde1f455
      nrb authored
      This allows one to use libubootenv and hence fw_printenv and fw_setenv
      to modify the U-Boot environment from inside a running linux. For
      example, this eliminates the need to use a serial console to setup
      fw_printenv and fw_setenv are contained in the Debian package
      /etc/u-boot-inital-env contains variables the environment will be
      populated with when no environment exists in the eMMC yet. This means
      this file must be somewhat in sync with the environment compiled into
      U-Boot. Otherwise, the first use of libubootenv might make your system
      unbootable or have other strange side effects.
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      Move certain settings to system-wide profile. · eb9607ad
      Phil Hagelberg authored
      This allows you to customize your own profile without breaking
      critical features. When this is stored in user-level settings it's
      really easy to override the config in ways that break xorg.
      The most important thing is moving the ETNA_MESA_DEBUG=nir setting. I
      suspect the unicode_start call is also suitable for the system-wide
      profile, but I'm not so sure about the GTK2_RC_FILES; maybe that
      should remain in per-user settings? But if a user wants to override
      it, their changes will override the system-wide ones anyway.
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