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FW1.9 changes, incl. initial zz9000ax driver code

minute requested to merge wip-zz9000ax into master

ZZ9000 Firmware 1.9

  • Automatic discovery and boot from USB stick partitions (currently OFS/FFS only)
  • zzusb.device now in ZZ9000 ROM (Remove ZZ9000USBStorage.device!)
  • "Turbo" method of setting up drawing registers now the default (helps with CyberStorm MK1, for example)
  • 2 different palettes supported for 8-bit P96 split screen (when supported by P96 driver)
  • Ethernet negotiation doesn't block boot anymore
  • Native Capture: Fix rare Column Swap Bug
  • Native Capture: Optional "Non Standard Sync" modes that are closer to the original refresh rate, enabled by setting ENV:ZZ9000-NS-VSYNC.
  • Native Capture: Moved all switching (incl. NTSC/PAL) code to vblank interrupt, fixing some RTG/native switching bugs
  • Support for new Multi Monitor feature of P96 by setting DISPLAYCHAIN ToolType of ZZ9000 to No.
  • Horizontal Panning support in RTG modes
  • INT6/INT2 Interrupts reworked in ZZ9000Net.device to support interrupt sharing with other cards and ZZ9000AX.

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