Commit da075001 authored by Bjorn Astrom's avatar Bjorn Astrom
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Don't mess with the mouse cursor position

parent 1982685b
......@@ -1722,13 +1722,12 @@ int main() {
if (zdata == OP_SPRITE_BITMAP) {
update_hw_sprite(bmp_data, sprite_colors, sprite_width, sprite_height);
update_hw_sprite_pos(sprite_x, sprite_y);
else {
//printf("Making a %dx%d cursor (%i %i)\n", sprite_width, sprite_height, sprite_x_offset, sprite_y_offset);
update_hw_sprite_clut(bmp_data, data->clut1, sprite_width, sprite_height, data->u8offset);
update_hw_sprite_pos(sprite_x_base, sprite_y_base);
update_hw_sprite_pos(sprite_x_base, sprite_y_base);
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