Commit b68e43d6 authored by beeanyew's avatar beeanyew
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Use XOffset/YOffset instead of MouseXOffset/MouseYOffset

Unchanged for non-DMA, because I've had enough of this for now.
parent f324a0e6
......@@ -442,6 +442,8 @@ void pan_dma(__reg("a0") struct RTGBoard* b, __reg("a1") uint8* mem, __reg("d0")
b->offset_x = x;
b->offset_y = y;
gfxdata->x[0] = x;
gfxdata->y[0] = y;
zzwrite16(&registers->blitter_dma_op, OP_PAN);
......@@ -1385,9 +1387,9 @@ void sprite_bitmap_dma(__reg("a0") struct RTGBoard* b, __reg("d7") uint16 format
memcpy((uint8_t*)(((uint32_t)b->memory)+zz_template_addr), b->cursor_sprite_bitmap+2, data_size);
gfxdata->x[0] = b->cursor_xo;
gfxdata->x[0] = b->offset_x;
gfxdata->x[1] = b->cursor_w;
gfxdata->y[0] = b->cursor_yo;
gfxdata->y[0] = b->offset_y;
gfxdata->y[1] = b->cursor_h;
zzwrite16(&registers->blitter_dma_op, OP_SPRITE_BITMAP);
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