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## Subassembly: Trackball (MREFATB)
![Trackball Subassembly](
![Trackball Subassembly]( =300x)
1. Mount 2x *TB M2 Thread* in *TB Cup*
2. Plug *TB Sensor FPC* into *TB Sensor PCBA*
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## Subassembly: Trackpad (MREFATP)
![Trackpad Subassembly](
![Trackpad Subassembly]( =300x)
1. Mount *TP Sensor PCBA* on *TP Carrier* and remove foil covering adhesive of *TP Sensor PCBA*
2. Mount *TP Glass Assembly* on *TP Carrier* and *TP Sensor PCBA* using adhesive on bottom side of *TP Glass Assembly*
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## Subassembly: Keyboard (MREFAKB)
![Keyboard Module](
![Keyboard Module]( =300x)
1. Install Keycaps on *MREFAKB*
2. Laser engrave Keycaps using desired lettering, i.e.:
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## Subassembly: Screen and Hinges
![Screen Assembly Speakers](
![Screen Assembly Speakers]( =300x)
1. Mount *Left Hinge* and *Right Hinge* in the bottom left and right corners of *Screen Back* with 3x M4x5-965H screws each. Note that the hinge labeled “SMS-ZZ-219-L” goes on the right side, and the hinge labeled “SMS-ZZ-219-R” goes on the left side.
2. Mount 4x *Magnet* in magnet slots of *Main Box*.
......@@ -129,13 +129,13 @@
## Final Device Assembly
![OLED Module](
![OLED Module]( =300x)
![Final Device Assembly Top 2](
![Final Device Assembly Top 2]( =300x)
![Final Device Assembly Bottom](
![Final Device Assembly Bottom]( =300x)
![Final Device Assembly Bottom 2](
![Final Device Assembly Bottom 2]( =300x)
1. Mount the *Motherboard with SOM and Heatsink* with 4x *M2x4-7985H* screws to the main box.
2. Plug the *Display Cable* into the DISPLAY header. The *Display Cable* has a white dot marking pin 1. The white dot must point in the direction of the hinges (off the motherboard).
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