Commit 3c65c826 authored by mntmn's avatar mntmn
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reform-hw-setup: typo

parent 57c01bb7
......@@ -3,8 +3,7 @@
# This switch in WM8960 needs to be on for the headset mic input to work
amixer -c 0 sset 'Left Input Mixer Boost' on
# Enable wakeup from suspend on all UARTS
# Enable wakeup from suspend on all UARTs
echo enabled > /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/30800000.bus/30860000.serial/tty/ttymxc0/power/wakeup
echo enabled > /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/30800000.bus/30890000.serial/tty/ttymxc1/power/wakeup
echo enabled > /sys/devices/platform/soc@0/30800000.bus/30880000.serial/tty/ttymxc2/power/wakeup
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