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Programming Tutorial
This section describes how to create programs using audio, video, and
keyboard/mouse inputs (for example, video games).
In this section we'll demonstrate how to create your own computer
programs using the Scheme programming language.
For this we'll use Interscheme - MNT's all-in-one utility for building
such programs.
What is Scheme?
Scheme is a programming language that looks like this:
Open the Interscheme scripting file:
.. code-block:: none
(define (square x)
(* x x))
(square 5)
This code can be read like "Define a new function named 'square',
which takes a single argument, x. Multiply x by itself."
After defining the function, ``(square 5)`` is called to test out the
function. When our function ``(square x)`` is applied to our argument
(``5``), we get the output ``25``, because 5 * 5 is 25.
One thing that you may notice right away is that the math is performed
like ``(* 5 5)`` instead of ``(5 * 5)`` as you may expect. This is
called "Prefix Notation" and can be very helpful. For example, if we
wanted to add a lot of numbers, we conventionally do ``2 + 3 + 4 + 6 +
11``, but in Scheme it's ``(+ 2 3 4 6 11)``, which is much more
Setting Up Interscheme
Let's start working with graphics now! Open the Interscheme scripting
.. code-block:: none
......@@ -60,7 +85,7 @@ here's one way to put 50 pixels down in random positions:
(pixels-everywhere 50)))
Drawing Lines
To draw a green line from ``30,30`` to ``40,80``:
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