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errata: two wrong parts (OLED FPC cable, heatsink screws)

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ USB/SYSCTL Cable JST-PH 4P,3,MNT Research,MREFCBLU20R01
Speaker Cable JST-PH 4P,1,MNT Research,MREFCBLS20R01
eDP I-PEX to DuPont 2mm 2x15P Cable,1,MNT Research,MNT190722001
Sensor Cable 6P 50mm 0.5mm Pitch,1,Würth Elektronik,687606050002
OLED Cable 1mm Pitch 50mm,1,Würth Elektronik,686604050001
OLED Cable 1mm Pitch 50mm,1,Würth Elektronik,686704050001
MIPI-DSI Cable FPC 0.5mm 33P 50mm,1,Würth Elektronik,687733050002
Battery Cable Picolock,2,Molex,151320502
Bottom Plate Acrylic Transparent,1,MNT Research,MREFCBPL20R01
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Neodymium Bar Magnet,8,MNT Research,MREFDMAG20R01
Rubber Foot Transparent,4,Modulor,0303782
M2 Flat Washer NF E 25-514,4,Accu,HAFZ-M2-A2
Screw M4x5 Countersunk DIN 965H,6,Accu,SIK-M4-5-A2
Screw M2x14 Countersunk DIN 965H,4,Accu,SIP-M2-14-A2
Screw M2x12 Countersunk DIN 965H,4,Accu,SIP-M2-12-A2
Screw M2x6 Countersunk DIN 965H,18,Accu,SIK-M2-6-A2
Screw M2x4 Pan Head DIN 7985H,30,Accu,SIP-M2-4-A2
Screw M2x5 Black Countersunk DIN 965H,23,Generic,–
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