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This is a collection of my modified parts files for the MNT Reform.
# trackball
Trackball contains modified versions of the trackball 3d printed hardware. Currently the only version is an OpenSCAD modelled version of the original cup but modified to take 3x 2.5mm chrome steel ball bearings as a riding surface for the trackball, rather than the ball riding directly on the 3d printed part.
It is a drop in replacement for the original part, and reuses the same screws and the same top retention ring.
This file can be adapted to work without the ball bearings, and parameters tweaked for a better fit. I found that with my printer at least the result was very smooth without the balls with the layer height set to 0.3mm. Your results may vary. The "cup" is slightly larger internally than the original model as the intention was to have it solely touching the ball bearings.
Current experiance is that it is very smooth with the ball bearings, though a little noisier. The current version has a bit more play than I would like with the ball able to slip into the angles between pairs of balls slightly. Adjusting the vertical position of the balls to change the contact angle may affect this. It is currently an approximate 45 degree angle that the trackball contacts the bearings.
Perhaps a smoother ball could make the experiance slightly better, the delrin has a bit of a texture to it which is likely where some of the noise and friction is coming from.
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